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With our Elite 12 Week Code Camp & Career Starter Programme

Our 12 week software developer bootcamp trains individuals, with no prior coding experience, in all the end to end software developer skills to make a career in this highly rewarding industry.

This is the UK’s Freshest, Most Modern, Fit for Industy Software Developer Bootcamp in Existence

Earn salaries of £60k+ after just a few years as a software developer after our bootcamp and career builder programme

You can pay over £135k to train to be a commercial pilot for similar starting salaries. But a career as a professional in the technology sector is both progressive and rewarding. With many individuals starting as junior software developers moving into more senior roles every few years.

Join our enhanced bootcamp programme and build a career as a software developer

Designed by Leading Industy CIO’s, CTO’s and Heads of Engineering – Q1/2024 Edition

Whether you’re a competent bedroom coder looking to turn a hobby into a career, or an absolute newbie to software development, we’ll teach you the skills you need to become a professional software engineer.

Delivered Remote via Expert Instructors and in Most Major UK & Ireland Cities

We won’t just teach you to code, we will help you establish your career as a Software Engineer with our bootcamp & career builder programme!

We are not just a professional Ofsted regulated training academy, we are part of The S&A Group. This means we have access to a portfolio of companies across consulting, professional services, software engineering, technology transformation, recruitment and resourcing solutions. We use all our relationships to look after our bootcamp graduates for the whole lifetime of their career. We believe this is unique in the industry. 


Join our 12 Week Elite Professional Software Developer Bootcamp

Our Standard 12 Week Coding & Career Starter Bootcamp

Every Course Day is a Practical Coding Day

Every day of our coding school, you’ll be actively writing software in standard languages like HTML, CSS & JavaScript, React, Node.js amongst others (depending on modules chosen). But we also teach you all the other elements of being a professional software developer that other schools don’t focus on. Once you have all the basic software developer skills, we work with you to build a portfolio you can showcase to prospective employers, as well as introduce you to our sister company, S&A Resourcing Solutions, who will guide you through CV’s, job interview techniques and introduce you to prospective employers. Rather than ‘promise you an interview’ we’ll use a dedicated technology recruitment firm to work with you to help find you an actual job!

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We believe learning to code is only part of your journey

Our programmes are designed for everyone. They’ll teach you how software works and how you can work as a professional software developer, fitting seamlessly into any new team and work environment. Whilst we are an Ofsted regulated training provider, we also sit with The S&A Group of companies. This means any student who joins our bootcamps or full apprenticeships gets to leverage our consulting, product engineering or resourcing solutions business.

We start new bootcamps each calendar month and they run for a full 12 weeks. Delivered via expert industry practitioners and university experienced lecturers, our courses are delivered on-line (Video Conference) with optional, but highly recommended, in-person events.

Our Comprehensive Software Developer Bootcamp & Career Builder Programme Starts at


*Pricing is subject to VAT and is variable based on course loading and availability. Please check the relevant month below.

** Discounts are available for unemployed, multibookings and corporate clients with repeatable business or who do not require Career Builder services post training.

*** Financing options are available

Courses Start Every Month

We run new programmes every month and they run for a full 12 weeks. Typically starting around 9am, they’ll run all the way through a standard working day with several optional social, industry and employer events running in the evenings.

Delivered by Professionally Qualified Teachers

Our programmes are delivered via a mix of professionally qualified teachers who have taught at degree level, and industry practitioners who bring real world industry experience. We don’t use last years students to teach this years beginners like many competitors.

Delivered Remote or In-Person

Our programmes are designed from the ground up to be delivered via video conference and through our online learning environment. But we also deliver face to face in most UK cities and encourage students to attend in person events.

Full Programmes start at just £4500 per person

We don’t charge extra for things like memberships, subscriptions, software tools you’ll use during your courses, or any of our professional career coaching and employment services we offer after your course completes. Discounts apply for unemployed & multi-bookings. 

Career Builder with S&A Resourcing Solutions

Our career builder services are fully included. Our RS business will work alongside you throughout your bootcamp, providing career support and advice. Towards graduation, they’ll run specialist group and 1-1 sessions to help you build your professional profile, get interviews and engage with employers.  


Career builder Bootcamps


Our courses are designed to be more comprehensive and, potentially, more difficult than most. We aim to guide you to a successful graduation and help you to find employment, rather than just feel happy we’ve found an employer to offer an interview.


Select the programme you wish to join and ‘add to basket’. You will be charged a 20% deposit at the time of booking to guarantee your place. Finance Options Available* Contact Us


January 22nd

Places: FULL

Price: £6500+VAT

Discounts: Some

Type: Career Builder

Out of stock

February 19th

Places: 2 Available

Price: £5500+VAT

Discounts: Yes

Type: Career Builder

March 11th

Places: Available

Price: £5250+VAT

Discounts: Yes

Type: Career Builder

April 15th

Places: Limited

Price: £5000+VAT

Discounts: Yes

Type: Career Builder

May  13th

Places: Available

Price: £5000+VAT

Discounts: Yes

Type: Career Builder

June  17th

Places: Available

Price: £5000+VAT

Discounts: Yes

Type: Career Builder

July 15th

Places: Available

Price: £5000+VAT

Discounts: Yes

Type: Career Builder

August 12th

Places: Available

Price: £5000+VAT

Discounts: Yes

Type: Career Builder

September 16th

Places: Available

Price: £5000+VAT

Discounts: Yes

Type: Career Builder

October 14th

Places: Available

Price: £5000+VAT

Discounts: Yes

Type: Career Builder

November 11th

Places: Available

Price: £5000+VAT

Discounts: Yes

Type: Career Builder

December 2nd

Places: Available

Price: £5000+VAT

Discounts: Yes

Type: Career Builder


Our courses are priced to be competitive and priced to run, so people registering a few months in advance may experience better pricing. We run our courses with small cohorts to enhance learning and accomodate different starting skill sets. Our courses are more difficult than some of our competitors. They’re designed to teach all the additional skills we know are required to build a career in the technology world and to give you, and our recruitment and resourcing business partners, the best chance of success in getting your career started. We will ensure you have the capability to graduate the course, providing you come with the right attitude, before onboarding you.

Learning to Fly the plane is just the beginning

Remember, we teach you to code AND teach you to build a career

First… we teach you all the skills required to code, seamlessley work  within a software project team and professionally integrate into your new environment.

Then… we teach, coach, guide and support you in landing that first professional role. Leveraging the relationships from our consulting businesses and the recruitment skills of S&A Resourcing Solutions.

S&A Resourcing Solutions

S&A Resourcing Solutions is our sister company within The S&A Group. They are a dedicated, highly specialised recruitment business focused on the technology industry in the UK. You will meet them during you time in the coding bootcamp, but towards the end of your journey they will work much more closely with you to develop your profile and engage with employers.

Unlike our competitors we don't charge any feesfor helping you find a job


Weeks 1-10

Full-time hands on coding school delivered by a combination of University Lecturers and our own industry experienced practitioners.

Taught by University Instructors

Our bootcamp courses are taught by professional instructors with a mix of university level teaching experience and real-world industry experience. You’ll not only learn how to develop software and release it, but you’ll learn all about the role of a software professional, how technology teams and projects work and how your role fits into them. We’ll arm you with all the technical knowledge you need to develop your own career.

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Weeks 11-12+

Build your project portfolio to showcase employers and work with our Resourcing Solutions business colleagues to find your fist role.

You Can Code - Now Lets Get Employed

Your final two weeks are dedicated to creating your own software project portfolio to showcase to employers, as well as working with our sister company, S&A Resourcing Solutions, who specialise in recruiting and placing software developers into industry roles. From profile building to interview preparation, we’ll introduce you to as many suitable employers as possible.

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Our competitors promise to get you an interview. We task our specialist resourcing and recruitment company to work tirelessly to get you an actual job!

EMPLOYERS - We also offer Ofsted regulated; government funded professional apprenticeships in many technology related disciplines. Including Software Development & Testing!

Get in touch if you'd like us train your current employees, recruit (free of charge) and train new employees via our apprenticeship programmes or if you’re interested in hiring our recent software bootcamp graduates - we promise they're the best.

Government Funded Apprenticeships for Already Employed Individuals

We Source, Train & Deploy YOUR Junior Software Developers for Companies

Need a Hot-Start?

Our software developer L4 professional apprenticeship is usually initiated via our ‘Hot-Start’ front loaded 12 week immersive bootcamp. Delivered by elite instructors to ensure our bootcampers land in their employers teams on week 13, confident, credible and ready to begin their professional careers. Employers can choose between a hot-start or traditional block release programme to suit their needs.


12 - 18 Months of Training

provided in residential blocks, day release or ad-hoc to suit employers.

Targeted Role Based Training

and education tailored to the actual role, and, often industry, to develop professional careers.


For New Hires or Existing Employees

Train existing employees, or new hires, to help employers boost in demand skills


is free for employers placing new hires onto out apprenticeship programmes

Fully Funded Training

for apprenticeship levy payers and heavily subsidised for non-levy employers

We are a UK Government approved apprenticehsip provider regulated by Ofsted and the ESFA with a 100% focus on quality outcomes for employers and apprentices.

Choose from several industry leading apprenticeship programmes or, for employers, enhance programmes to suit your employment needs.

Get Exposure toA WORLDof Different Technologies