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What is theApprenticeship Levy

Any UK Employer, with a salary bill of over £3million per annun (that can be around 50 employees!), has to pay a mandatory tax of 0.5%. This tax is called the ‘Apprenticeship Levy‘.

Employers can still utilise this ‘tax’. The funds an employer pays can be utilised by regulated apprenticeship providers like The S&A Academy to train Existing or NEW Employeers.

What do S&A do with it?

The S&A Academy take the subsidised funding from UK government, then adds multiple layers of value add training from our own stable of instructors, practicing consultants and partners to deliver an enhanced learning experience including all the real world skills required to build professional careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The S&A Transform Academy

Who are We?

The S&A Transform Academy Ltd (“S&A Academy”) belongs to the Moorfield Holdings Group of Professional Services, Investments, Consulting and Resourcing Companies. We are an Ofsted and ESFA regulated skills and professional apprenticeship training company with key locations in London, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh.

We deliver government funded and private commercially available training to individuals, institutions and government agencies in the UK, Europe and North America.

We were established in 2022 as a direct response to the underserved demands of our sister consulting company who, for several years, had unsuccessfully used existing technology and business apprenticeship providers.

At the outset the vision was not to deliver existing training programmes better, but to completely re-engineer existing market approaches. Every training programme delivered by

The S&A Academy has been completely re-engineered using industry partners (buyers) and is delivered in an innovative and fresh, academia meets practitioner manner. The Academy heavily leverages our sister company, The S&A Transform Group Ltd, consultants and industry experts to enhance the already outstanding academic teachers and professors in the Academy.

The result is a modern, fresh, industry and role focused training and apprenticeship business. Whilst we don’t have 20yrs of training experience (although our staff do!), the business is quickly replacing outdated competitors as they fail to deliver true value to individuals and businesses and, in some cases, fail to uphold the high quality levels of the regulators and cease trading.

We are the new, fresh, high quality name in training and professional apprenticeships.

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