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The S&A Business Academy

Elevating Careers and Transforming the Workforce

We’re the UK Leaders in Corporate and Individual, Executive, Leadership & Management Skills Training and Apprenticeships.

Recruit & Train an ApprenticeTraining for my Employees

Unlock the potential of your workforce and elevate your business to new heights with our cutting-edge business and management training programs and professional funded apprenticeships.

Commercial Courses

For Individuals and Companies

We deliver a number of premium training solution, certifications and formal qualifications direct to individuals or companies. These range from public short courses lasting a few hours to multiyear corporate programmes integrated into reward schemes and internal promotions.

Funded Apprenticeships

For New & Existing Employees

For both apprenticeship levy payers, and non-levy payers, we offer Ofsted regulated, government funded professional apprenticeship programmes for both your new, and already employed, staff. Ranging from junior to executive, lasting from 12-36 months, these programmes can also lead to master’s level degree qualifications.

Choose from 3 Core Training & Employee Development (CPD) Solutions

Skills Training Courses

Career Boosters & CPD Solutions

Working smarter, being resilient, dealing with change and communicating effectively are just a few of the essential skills that help to maintain peak levels of performance. Our structured development pathways and training workshops develop skills, knowledge and behaviours required to build careers.

Funded Apprenticeships

Career Makers & Builders

We offer apprenticeship programmes from Level 2 to Level 7 in People Management, Leadership and Business Analysis. We understand the importance of strong leadership for business success and we have developed our programmes to ensure managers, leaders and analysts succeed as they progress through their careers.

Corporate Training

Bespoke Corporate Training

Alongside industry clients, we have co-developed a range of outstanding Leadership and Management programmes including softer skills courses. Each can be further customised to meet your organisational values and objectives.

We deliver professional training for individuals to attain professional qualifications to suit their, and your businesses, specific needs. From tailored courses available as part of The Business Academy’s flagship programmes such as Business Analysis and Project Management to our broader Leadership and Management Apprenticeships.

We deliver accredited Ofqual programmes up to postgraduate, masters level with no bias towards any awarding body or academic institution.

We have reverse engineered several roles in business and customised our government funded apprenticeship curriculums to suit them

Check out our New L4 Business Analyst Apprenticeship

A New Apprenticeship for aspiring business analysts built from the ground up. Fill your open BA Vacancy through an S&A Business Academy Apprenticeship!

Employers – We Can Create Bespoke Apprenticeship & Training Programmes for Your Company

We deliver bespoke training programmes and professional apprenticeships built specifically around your individual company’s vision and values. By working with you to create a bespoke programme driven by our technical knowledge and experience, we offer an unrivalled training solution. We are experts in transformational programmes, exceptional delivery and positive impact measures for Business Analysts, Leaders and Managers across all levels and project management.

A variety of Professional Apprenticeships and training courses are available and each one can be individually designed around the apprentice and the business’s specific needs, we ensure all delivery adopts an exclusive approach incorporating your company’s unique ethos and culture.

Would you like a Free Training Consultancy Workshop

We offer an initial consultation to discuss your aims and aspirations, current team status and examine the best options and most efficient route to maximising your individuals and team performance, collaboratively we can build unique programmes. We have clear development strategies and work with national employers across a wide range of sectors gaining a better understanding of your business needs and build the relationship to offer a bespoke offering to up-skill and also develop your teams and individuals.


Get in touch to mix and match modules from our programmes for a bespoke solution for you.

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Learn more about our training pathways

Option 1

Short Courses

Our series of short courses will provide your business with direct support on all core topics. All of our courses can be tailored to ensure they meet your specific requirements. Our courses cover an array of subjects providing much needed support for employees who work in an ever more demanding business world.

Working smarter, being resilient and communicating effectively are just a few of the essential skills that help staff to maintain peak levels of performance. From team leaders or new managers to senior business leaders, our structured development pathways and training workshops develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to inspire and get the best out of others.

If you are an enterprise looking to provide your staff with specialised training, or for more additional details, see our Contact Us.

Option 2

accredited Courses and Qualification

At the S&A Business Academy we are accredited to deliver qualifications ranging from Level 3 to Level 7 which allows us to delilver a number of mainstream Ofqual qualifications to individuals and to organisations looking to support continious Learning & Development for small or large volumes of employees.

If you are an individual looking to develop your skills these courses may suit you. Browse through our currently running courses below to find something suitable, or contact us if you’re looking for a different type of programme. 

Option 3

Professional Apprenticeships

Government Funded

Apprenticeships in Business and Leadership are a fantastic alternative to traditional full time university routes.

Here at S&A we offer apprenticeship programmes from Level 3 to Level 7 in People Management, Leadership and Business Analysis. We understand the importance of strong leadership for business success and we have developed our programmes to ensure peopel who are, or aspire to be, leaders, managers, PM’s, PMO’s and business analysts succeed on their journey ambitions.

 All of our apprenticeship programmes are complemented with exceptional 1-2-1- coaching and guidance from highly experienced trainers and coaches covering a range of roles in key industry sectors. Our apprenticeships in Business have been co-designed by industy leaders and injected with a wealth of knowledge from our sister company, The S&A Transform Group, a leading UK Management Consulting company in business and IT ransformation.

Apprenticeships offer apprentices and their employers a number of unique benefits. Our expert instructors, who are both academic qualified teachers and industry-experienced consultants and corporate leaders, ensure that you receive the best possible training. Join us today and embark on a journey towards a successful and fulfilling career in Business industry.

We are a UK Government approved apprenticeship provider regulated by Ofsted and the ESFA with a 100% focus on quality outcomes for employers and apprentices.

12 - 36 Months of Training

Provided in a variety of flexible ways to suit your needs.

Targeted Role Based Training

Education tailored for you  role, and industry, to develop professional careers.


For New Hires or Existing Employees

Train existing employees, or new hires, to help employers boost in demand skills


Complementary recruitment for employers hiring individuals onto our apprenticeship programmes

Fully Funded Training

For apprenticeship levy payers and heavily subsidised for non-levy employers

A Credible Career Strategy

When compared to traditional university routes providing paid, job specific, learning instead of university debt.

Whether you are interested in a Leadership, Management or Business Analysis Professional Apprenticeship, or anything in between, talk to an apprenticeship consultant today. We have meticulously designed our apprenticeships to provide you with modern, job-ready skills and industry-relevant knowledge and it is expected all our Alumni will go on to have a lifetime career relationship across our various companies.

The S&A Business Academy

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Professional Skills
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From a One Day Skills Course to a Professional Apprenticeship

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Our Business Academy delivers expert leadership, management, professional apprenticeships and specialist training via commercial and government funded routes to existing and new employees.